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When a farmer says “I can do it!” He means it!

Fueled by a coulpe of brandies and coke, they agreed on the terms – if Chris wins, Mark gets to pay for flowers send anywhere in the world to the value of R1000, and if Mark ends up the winner, Chris would have to sacrifice his beloved Ipod!


Towerkop National Meet 2010 Report

In the year 1885 a young man named Gustaf Nefdt made history in becoming the first person to climb the “unclimbable” mountain called Towerkop, and in doing so also opened the first rock climbing route in South Africa.


Climbers 4 Waterval Boven Ropes in Bags of Support

60 litres of paint, a computer and printer, two oil heaters and bags of clothes…just some of the ‘jumble’ generously donated by climbers at the 2010 Roc Rally in support of Climbers 4 Waterval Boven, an initiative by climbers to support the Waterval Boven community.


Boven Roc Rally 2010 Results

The Boven Roc Rally has come and gone, click here for results and pictures…


Petzl Rock and Road Trip Western Cape 2010 – here it comes!

The Rock and Road is an organised and sponsored road-trip for the strongest and the up-and-coming climbers in South Africa. Started in Gauteng in 2007, the event has taken each year’s top climbers to KZN and the Eastern Cape, finally it is the Western Cape’s turn!


Shiptons Notch

Mount Kenya – From 5199m To Zero

Report by Raymond Kröger Somewhere in the year, my wife (Michi) and I started toying with the idea of taking some undeserved sabbatical-style time off, going to Kenya or something… and well, climbing a mountain there if we could find one.  And so we did, discovering Mount Kenya.  Now numerous South Africans we know have […]


Update: South African Youth Nationals Comp – Results

Youth climbers from all over South Africa will compete for a place in the South African Team, who will be travelling to Reunion in February 2011, to compete against the French Team.


CORE Showing at CityROCK – Wednesday, 15 September

CityROCK brings you CORE (the new Chuck Fryberger film) and Viva La Vida (a film by our very own Micky Wiswedel)

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Arjan De Kock on Amandla, Rocklands

Q&A with Arjan de Kock

I got to Rocklands in May, I was suppose to go back to Europe to go sport climbing, but I just ended up staying! just love it here, I cant even get myself to go home for a weekend.

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Waterval Boven Roc Rally – 24 to 25 September

The Waterval Boven Roc Rally runs from the 24 to 25 September.