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Sharper Edges by Andrew De Klerk

Sharper Edges by Andy de Klerk

A soulful new twist on climbing literature, the stories in Sharper Edges span two decades of climbing, BASE jumping and family life. With frankness, sensitivity, philosophy and deadpan humour, Andy de Klerk takes you on the end of a rope into his world of extreme danger, friendship, heartache and loss.


India Big Wall Expedition

This plan, like all good climbing plans, was originally hatched at 1am after a heavy party to celebrate Bernard and Linda’s wedding.

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RBs – a useful addition to your trad-rack

There was a buzz on the Climb.co.za forum recently around bad things happening when good men do nothing…and removable bolts (RBs) were mentioned.

The mental game – Part 2. Facing Fear

My palms are sweating, my breathing erratic, my pulse is racing. I’m gripped from the moment my feet leave the ground. I’m lunging for holds. I’m over-gripping. This is ridiculous. I trust my belayer. This isn’t a difficult grade for me.

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Arjan De Kok on sending Green Mamba (8B) at Rocklands

When the water blew up and shit went down!

There I stood on top of this boulder, smiles from ear to ear, pure pleasure!

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The mental game – Part 1

So what is mental training? Well there is more to it than just thinking positive. It’s a technique that is not only useful for increasing your confidence and chances of success but it also stimulates the same neural pathways you need to use those muscles.

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New Paarl Boulder Guide

Niel Mostert has produced a boulder guide for Paarl Bouldering


The Bold and the Beautiful – New Crag in Montagu

In April this year Riki & Justin Lawson together with Stuart Brown of De Bos, started bolting a new crag…


Rockstock 4 ! Rocklands, South Africa

This is the real deal – Rockstock will take place over the long weekend in August.


bpa free bottles

Why BPA Free Drink Bottles?

Bisphenol A (or BPA for short) is a compound used in the manufacturing of many plastics. There have been many reports in main stream media about the dangers of BPA leaching in to the drinking water or food of containers made with BPA.