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FEAT 2010, Jo’burg

Alex Harris has been climbing mountains for two decades, leading more than 20 expeditions. In 1996, at the age of 25, Alex resigned from a career in sales to follow his passion for exploration.


Goats do roam where no man has soloed before…

Euopean Ibex climb a dam wall to eat the moss, lichen & lick the salt off the dam wall.

Pulane Children’s Centre, Lesotho. October 2010

These kids had all abseiled before on a lower abseil and were raring to go at the prospect of a “real abseil”!


GRIGRI 2 Review

GRIGRI 2 Review – Assisted braking belay device

The new Grigri2 is lighter, safer, smaller and works like the old one (just like an old friend but now with benefits)

New Route: Jabulani at Yellowwood Amphitheatre

The route “Jabulani” is located on the right side of the wall were a big system of corners is obviously seen from the ground. The seven pitches ascending the top consist climbing of different style, like corners, cracks, slabs, overhangs, etc


Dean Potter FA of King Air

The Le Conte boulder, also known as the House Keeping boulder, is in Yosemite Valley, California. For more than a decade, I’d been trying to figure out the proudest, tallest line on the block, with no luck.


Lions Head Chains and Ladders

The Chains on Lions Head have been replaced making the climb significantly safer and hopefully putting an end to the many accidents that have occurred over the years.


When a farmer says “I can do it!” He means it!

Fueled by a coulpe of brandies and coke, they agreed on the terms – if Chris wins, Mark gets to pay for flowers send anywhere in the world to the value of R1000, and if Mark ends up the winner, Chris would have to sacrifice his beloved Ipod!


Towerkop National Meet 2010 Report

In the year 1885 a young man named Gustaf Nefdt made history in becoming the first person to climb the “unclimbable” mountain called Towerkop, and in doing so also opened the first rock climbing route in South Africa.


Climbers 4 Waterval Boven Ropes in Bags of Support

60 litres of paint, a computer and printer, two oil heaters and bags of clothes…just some of the ‘jumble’ generously donated by climbers at the 2010 Roc Rally in support of Climbers 4 Waterval Boven, an initiative by climbers to support the Waterval Boven community.