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Pete’s bolt failure in China

The failure occurred on a route called Million Ma, probably the most frequently climbed in our area and a warm up climb we been doing for nearly 2 years now.

Work meet at Chosspile

Chosspile Work Meet Report

The work meet at Choss was a success, we fixed up part of the upper path before Lord of the Rings Section and the lower section between the bridge and the Harry Potter Crag.


Ping, Ping, Ping, Thud…

I decided that next I was going for the onsight of Witless (25). We walked over to the base, started discussing what gear I should take up, unfolded the rope and I was off.


Matt Bush bouldering at Llandudno

Matt Bush Interview

Soloing routes came as a natural progression for me. I was staying on a farm in Montagu and I didn’t always have a climbing partner. I would cycle my bike to the crags and climb routes alone, soaking up the sun and moving free.