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Rockstock 2012

Started from humble beginnings in 2007 with the idea of bringing all the climbers in Rocklands together it has grown into what must be one of the greatest climbing parties in the world.

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Security guards to patrol Lower Tonuqani area

Security guards to patrol Lower Tonuqani area

Starting from the end of May and during at least the whole of June (incl the 30 June weekend) the MCSA has contracted two security personnel to patrol the Northern end of the MCSA Tonquani , Boulder Kloof and Cederberg properties.



93rd July Camp 2012 – Cobham Valley, KZN

This year, July Camp offers another new Base Camp site! This time in the beautiful Cobham Valley, that most people only know, if at all, from crossing through it on the Giant’s Cup Trail which runs South from Sani to Bushman’s Neck.