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Review: King Lines – A film by Josh Lowell and Peter Mortimer

This movie follows Chris Sharma around the globe looking for king lines from the Mediterranean Sea to the Venezuelan jungle. For anyone who’s been away from earth for the last 10 years, Chris Sharma is one of the best rock climbers in the world and he’s the poster boy for “the life” of the pro […]

Adam flashing an 8b on the Rock and Road Pic: Martin Renz

Adam Ondra Interview

Adam Ondra in South Africa

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Rock & Road Impressions

As you are probably already aware 25 of SA strong climbers came together to part take in a little climbing competition.


Hey Jupiter (34) by Steven Bradshaw 2009

Hey Jupiter takes the excellent, steep prow left of ‘How Peculiar’ at The Underside.

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Review: Petzl William Auto Lock Biner

If you find yourself forgetting to screw up your locking biner, this one is for you. The locking mechanism is easy to use and can be operated with one hand once you’ve played with it for a couple of minutes. The keylock nose on the biner prevents gear/rope from snagging. The metal locking sleeve operates […]

Chasing Vapour Trails

Trying to tell someone you climb ice in South Africa is like explaining to foreign soccer supporters why the vuvuzela is necessary at local soccer games. The concept of ice climbing in South Africa is just not something that the average South African mind can comfortably conceive.

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Training Day Part 6 – Fine Tune and Maintenance

Well, we have come to the end of my down to earth training tips and those who have been following them should have a better idea on how to improve the areas of their climbing that need it.

A Private Universe

Two Durban Sport climbers venture to the Cape to traditionally climb a very big wall

Qatar Airways helps Everest mountaineers to start on a high note

Many people refer to the challenges they face in their lives as their own personal Mount Everest. Three men have made Mount Everest their personal challenge and with the help of Qatar Airways are going to climb the world’s highest peak.

Training Day – Part 5 Shake the Pump!

The words of the late Jimmy Jewel have stuck in my mind for many years and what he said is what most climbers dream of. “If I can stick the hold, I can hold it forever”.