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James Barnes

James Barnes Interview

Whether he’s entertaining you by strumming songs on his guitar, describing action packed stories of his holidays or making sounds like a strangled Chihuahua as he climbs, James is a crowd pleaser.


Iker Pou Climbing Interview

Iker Pou from Spain is one of the world’s most talented rock climbers, with cutting-edge climbs spanning from 9a+ at the crag to 8a at 6000 meters. In this interview he shares his climbing thoughts after his repeat of Demencia Senil 9a+ at Margalef.


Royale Flush, New Route at Spitzkoppe

Royale Flush was remarkable because it was a pure ground-up ascent over two days and required no fixed protection. The relatively new ‘friends’ proved instrumental for the ascent, but the climb still involved some very bold and committing passages.


WayPoint Namibia DVD

In May 2009, a small team of rock climbers departed for Namibia with two goals: to find a way up an unexplored face, and to find a way into a deeper understanding of southern Africa.


Ant in his nappy waiting to be hoisted off Molenaars Needle

Mountain Search and Rescue

mountain search and rescue in the Western Cape, and what to do when your outing goes pear-shaped. If you’re climbing a lot and pushing your grades, or really getting out there in the wilderness, hunting those remote, long, loose country routes, then you have a fairly good chance of experiencing some kind of mishap during […]

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