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Tristan Young Interview

Tristan Young Interview

The first of a series of interviews with people involved with the South African National Climbing Federation.

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down the rabbit hole

Southern Rock’s 2nd Birthday

In celebration of another fantastic year, Southern Rock Climbing Centre will be holding it’s birthday event on 7th August.

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Rumble 4

Half way through the year already and the 4th Rumble is on it’s way. The next Rumble will take place on 24th July.


Danie Moolman, Dragon Rider at Hellfire

On The Shoulders of Dragons

From the first time I visited the Pit I was intrigued by this 37 meter long line with its intimidating crux that glares at you as you walk past.

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Anchor Replacement Fund

Kalk Bay ARF Meet Report 2014

We had a successful Kalk Bay ARF Meet and all the suspect bolts and older routes at Kalk Bay crags have now been replaced/rebolted.

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Jimmy Webb bouldering in South Africa

Jimmy Webb and Arjan de Kok sending at Weighbridge, Du Toit’s Kloof

Jimmy Webb, , Daniel Woods, Arjan De Kok + others have been exploring a few roadside attractions of late. In particular just off the road in Du Toit’s kloof.

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Kalymnos bad bolt Stress Corrosion Cracking

Anchor Replacement Fund Progress 2014 + Next Meet

There is an Anchor Replacement Fund (ARF) meet planned at Kalk Bay crags next weekend.

Wilgerpoort Deep Water Soloing

Deep water Solo Wilgerpoort, South Africa

The first ever deep water solo competition, in Africa, took place at Wilgerpoort, South Africa.

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2014 Monteseel Tradathon report

2014 Tradathon Report – ***Updated Again with More Pics

Over 100 climbers were laying siege on Monteseel. We took a lunch break in the shade, soaking up the sight and threw “useful” comments from the peanut gallery.

Ulan Batar, Rocklands

Rocklands Bouldering Permit

As of the beginning of June You must have a Rocklands permit to climb at the area.