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Happening Hampi

It looked every bit as awesome as in the Pilgrimage video and then I realized: there was no way I could leave it that night without having at least one go.


Southern Rock Magazine

Many years ago in a small flat somewhere in Braamfontein Southern Rock Magazine was born. The Editor back then was Mike Cartwright and he has kindly given us permission publish the old magazines online.

Rory 2011 – Younger and Younger

With every year this unique completion is becoming younger and younger: this year a whopping 76% of competitors were 19 years or younger!


Fantastic Time at Yellowwood

The apparition then melodramatically stated: “I am gonna vomit”. I turned my head away bemused but held the belay rope steadfastly as Farrell was still climbing on the other one.


Chosspile Crime Meeting Report

An open meeting to discuss the recent spate of attacks on climbers at the Chosspile climbing area was held at the MCSA Clubhouse.


“Nice Time” 21 Yellowwood right supporting buttress,

As I thought that as I was relatively unfit, my rotator cuff was impinging in my left shoulder, my DIP joint of my ring finger was having an arthritic flare up and I was climbing with Dave who lamented as to his own unfitness…



Waterworld: Holding onto the base

Montagu usually gets mild to heavy flooding each winter and we want to do as much as possible to protect the base of Waterworld. Its an awesome crag and would be ruined should the base get washed away!

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The Opening Ascent of ‘Local Legend’

A new route was opened on Table Mountain in tribute to Dave Davies by his great friend Andy Davies (no relation, but referred to as ‘cuz’), tough sweet-guy Neels Havenga (better known as ‘Dark Horse’) and Hilton (Dave’s brother).

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The Fifth Annual REEL ROCK film TOUR at CityROCK

The Fifth Annual REEL ROCK film TOUR showing at CityROCK on Thursday the 27th of Jan 2011 at 8pm – Cost: R50 p.p.


Gravity’s Rainbow

Hard rock climbs are quick to expose your deficiencies. Not strong enough, not fit enough, too fat, too weak or too white. In my case Gravity’s Rainbow added a new factor to the mix