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The Fifth Annual REEL ROCK film TOUR at CityROCK

The Fifth Annual REEL ROCK film TOUR showing at CityROCK on Thursday the 27th of Jan 2011 at 8pm – Cost: R50 p.p.


Gravity’s Rainbow

Hard rock climbs are quick to expose your deficiencies. Not strong enough, not fit enough, too fat, too weak or too white. In my case Gravity’s Rainbow added a new factor to the mix


New Crag at Houdenbek in the Koue Bokkeveld

The Houdenbek Crag is found on the farm called Morester and the guest cottages are at Houdenbek about 5 min drive from the crag parking. At present there are 11 routes.


Orange Crush ‘the movie”

The video is well edited, has excellent visuals and will get you psyched! It’s also the kind of movie that’s great to run in the background (the kind that you don’t mind watching over and over – Good soundtrack too


Winners of the Climb ZA Photo Competition Sponsored by Wild Country & Rusticus Wines

The winners of the Photo Competition…


Tsitsikamma Falls zip Line & adventures

Situated 8km from the Storms River Bridge on the N2, Tsitsikamma Falls Adventure Park offers spectacular Zipline adventure slides across the Kruis River.

It’s not about whether you win or lose, but if you like rock climbing…

After the gruelling semi-finals the day before, many of the finalists were feeling their previous efforts as they walked along the pathway up to the main wall to face the last day of climbing.

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Rainy Rest Day for the PETZL Rock 7 Road Trip Western Cape 2010

I arrived to take a few pics of the setting and found young Guy Patterson-Jones pulling the rope through on a non-contest route, Sid Vicious (27).

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Final day of the redpoint challenge goes down under grey skies and spatterings of rain

Today we didn’t wake up in baking hot tents. While pondering how it was nice to be in my sleeping bag I realised that it must be quite nice sending weather too, and things that looked certain yesterday may not look so certain today.

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Montagu sees a number of sends with the PETZL Rock & Road Trip Western Cape 2010

Yes! The sun! The rain predicted for Tuesday never materialised, meaning that a full day of climbing lay ahead.

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