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It’s not about whether you win or lose, but if you like rock climbing…

After the gruelling semi-finals the day before, many of the finalists were feeling their previous efforts as they walked along the pathway up to the main wall to face the last day of climbing.

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Rainy Rest Day for the PETZL Rock 7 Road Trip Western Cape 2010

I arrived to take a few pics of the setting and found young Guy Patterson-Jones pulling the rope through on a non-contest route, Sid Vicious (27).

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Final day of the redpoint challenge goes down under grey skies and spatterings of rain

Today we didn’t wake up in baking hot tents. While pondering how it was nice to be in my sleeping bag I realised that it must be quite nice sending weather too, and things that looked certain yesterday may not look so certain today.

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Montagu sees a number of sends with the PETZL Rock & Road Trip Western Cape 2010

Yes! The sun! The rain predicted for Tuesday never materialised, meaning that a full day of climbing lay ahead.

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PETZL / MCSA Rock & Road – Table Mountain Time

I turn over and go back to sleep with the knowledge that we’d have some rather bleary-eyed competitors in the morning, and we would indeed be able to go ahead with day two of the PETZL Rock & Road Trip Western Cape 2010 on Table Mountain.

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Mentor Day held in beautiful conditions on the PETZL Rock & Road Trip Western Cape 2010

The mentor day is aimed at initiating development in the specific province in which the event takes place.


The PETZL Rock & Road Trip Western Cape 2010 visits Echo Valley

Saturday the 11th of December saw the first real day of climbing for the PETZL Rock & Road Trip Western Cape 2010.


Hot Rock: Africa Expedition

It seems a long time ago now that a big red truck made it to the quayside in Aqaba, Jordan’s deepwater port, and headed off to Amman to start a big adventure: Hot Rock’s Africa 2010 expedition.

Petzl / MCSA Rock and Road Information Booklet

The Petzl / MCSA Rock and Road 2010 kicks off with a slide show at the MCSA on Friday night!


The 2011 MCSA Supertramp Award of up to R15 000 is available…

Micheal’s winning Supertramp 2010 application was for the Chambe West Face Direct on Mount Mulanje in Malawi. They travelled up from SA through Mozambique to Malawi in (4×4?) style in Michael’s moms Opel Corsa Lite.