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Qatar Airways helps Everest mountaineers to start on a high note

Many people refer to the challenges they face in their lives as their own personal Mount Everest. Three men have made Mount Everest their personal challenge and with the help of Qatar Airways are going to climb the world’s highest peak.

Emile on Bouldering in Germany, Australia and Japan

Well, I’m not officially here for a climbing trip, I’m completing a language course for a Masters degree that begins in September. I’ve resigned myself to another 2 years of study so that I can experience some of the wicked European bouldering.

50th Anniversary Ascent of the Sentinel

The climb was opened in February 1959, in an era when climbers wore canvas anoraks, takkies as climbing boots and relied on hemp ropes and pitons hammered into cracks for safety and protection.



Andrew Pedley on Axewound / Pitfighter

Andrew Pedley recently opened 2 new routes above the benchmark grade of 30. They are Axewound 32 at Wigwam and Pitfighter 31 at Boven.

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Rescue Organiser Rob Thomas (white helmet) and the Fanie, the SAAF Flight Engineer prepare to receive the stretcher as the Oryx Helicopter hovers above the ledge.

Climber rescued from 300m cliff face (Blouberg)

Far from help Andrew Hartmeier was rescued after sustaining a severe fall on the north face of Blouberg, some 120km north west of Polokwane. The rescue was carried out by the Mountain Club of SA and the South African Air Force 17 Squadron whilst fellow climbers also assisted in the rescue.

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Montagu and De Bos flood info

With the exception of the Montagu Springs, Montagu and surrounding areas are all back to normal. All services, shops and roads are running and life is back to normal.


Dave Drummonds accounts of the PETZL Rock & Road Trip (Final Day)

It had been a busy week, with lots to keep the Rock and Road climbers busy, Indoor Comps, mentor days, flash contests and ferocious red-pointing. They had all had a day of rest and now the finalists had one last day of climbing to prove their mettle. Before long things were falling into place, with […]



Yosemite is home to one of the most concentrated collections of trad Crack climbs in the world. The route Astroman is arguably the most famous route of its kind and is just hard enough or easy enough to entice or inspire any seasoned or “wanna be” trad climber.

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ACRA showdown

The vibe on the ledge was incredible and the crowd on the viewpoint over the valley enjoyed the action.

Historical references on baboons in the Cape Peninsula

Historically a number of troops were removed from the peninsula mountain chain either for management purposes or for medical research. Fortunately this practice was stopped and made illegal in the peninsula in the 1990’s.