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Your Mother His Face

Don’t ask why its ‘HIS’ face… I really don’t know. To be absolutely clear and for the sake of keeping this article ‘pure’ I’ve done very little editing, so you’ll know when the author is speaking passionately. While reading this article, keep in mind the forum topic Bad Things Happen When Good Men Do Nothing


Skanky Boulder Comp ’09

A pair of cycling shorts rides up a tight ass. A beautiful girl flings her top over the heads of her cheering crowd of spotters as she pouts her lips and extends her leg in a goddess-like pose. Her brow is a little sweaty and her mascara slightly smudged from climbing all evening. She’s tagged […]


Rock & Road Impressions

As you are probably already aware 25 of SA strong climbers came together to part take in a little climbing competition.


Hey Jupiter (34) by Steven Bradshaw 2009

Hey Jupiter takes the excellent, steep prow left of ‘How Peculiar’ at The Underside.

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Chasing Vapour Trails

Trying to tell someone you climb ice in South Africa is like explaining to foreign soccer supporters why the vuvuzela is necessary at local soccer games. The concept of ice climbing in South Africa is just not something that the average South African mind can comfortably conceive.

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A Private Universe

Two Durban Sport climbers venture to the Cape to traditionally climb a very big wall

Qatar Airways helps Everest mountaineers to start on a high note

Many people refer to the challenges they face in their lives as their own personal Mount Everest. Three men have made Mount Everest their personal challenge and with the help of Qatar Airways are going to climb the world’s highest peak.

Emile on Bouldering in Germany, Australia and Japan

Well, I’m not officially here for a climbing trip, I’m completing a language course for a Masters degree that begins in September. I’ve resigned myself to another 2 years of study so that I can experience some of the wicked European bouldering.

50th Anniversary Ascent of the Sentinel

The climb was opened in February 1959, in an era when climbers wore canvas anoraks, takkies as climbing boots and relied on hemp ropes and pitons hammered into cracks for safety and protection.



Andrew Pedley on Axewound / Pitfighter

Andrew Pedley recently opened 2 new routes above the benchmark grade of 30. They are Axewound 32 at Wigwam and Pitfighter 31 at Boven.

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