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Historical references on baboons in the Cape Peninsula

Historically a number of troops were removed from the peninsula mountain chain either for management purposes or for medical research. Fortunately this practice was stopped and made illegal in the peninsula in the 1990’s.


World’s Steepest Big Wall?

John and Anne Arran have just returned from their most adventurous big-wall expedition yet. They climbed the first ever ascent of Amurí tepui in Venezuela up a clean wall near the line of an incredible 600m waterfall which is so off the beaten track it doesn’t even yet have a name!

New Cimbing Area at Vanrhynsdorp

The crags have not been officially named yet, so as of yet, all that I can give you is the photos and that it is close to Vanrhynsdorp.

Exposure In The F Major

Exposure 1 Climbers 0

It all started in the ‘shack’ over a few beers, as most things do. Andy, a friend of mine out from England, asked if I’d do exposure with him and of course it seemed a good idea at the time. The valley had just burnt so the walk in shouldn’t be too bad, therefore it […]


MCSA 2007 Supertramp Award

The entries for the 2007 MCSA Supertramp Award was very varied and ranged from super-long local hikes, exploring wild unclimbed African crags and mountaineering abroad.


Verdon, The Epic

We’d been up since 4am in order to get to the airport and catch the flight – so we decided to take it easy for the first climb and do a four pitch 4c. This was my first ‘proper’ big wall, multi-pitch climb – so for me it was a chance to get used to […]

New Ice Climb at Giants Castle

For the past six years I have been waiting for the Shisa gully at Giants Castle to come into condition to make an ascent of this previously unclimbed route. Only the final pitch had been climbed in the past and by top-rope only. This left the rest of the gully waiting for a complete ascent.

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Lehlo Ho Nolo – Ice Climbing in Lesotho

Greg (Borman) and Mark Millar went to Lesotho last weekend to learn how to ice climb. Unfortunately it was too warm and the icefall we were hoping to climb was still very much a waterfall!

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Call for Helipad to Aid Mountain Rescues

THE tragic climbing accident in which top Cape Town climber Hugh Stevens was critically injured last Friday has again brought into sharp focus not only the risks attached to having a wilderness area in our backyard, but also the heroic and often unsung work done by the rescue volunteers.

MCSA – The Legacy of the Apartheid Years

Most Club members are aware that during the apartheid years the Cape Town Section conformed to the socio-cultural norms of the time. It was an exclusively white organisation, which had also previously excluded Jewish people.