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La Sportiva Python review

La Sportiva Python review

At first glance you will see a soft slipper type shoe that is apparently designed primarily for smearing, however this shoe can do much more than just smear well, the La Sportiva Python is still my favourite shoe to climb in…


Action camera reviews

Best Action Camera Review 2014 – Ultimate POV Camera Shootout

This review will provide information about which action-camera is best suited for specific criteria and provide information that may help you make informed purchasing decisions.

Grand Capucin

Culture of South African Alpinism

This is hopefully a small start to capture what South Africans are out doing in the world of Alpinism and winter climbing during the past season and hopefully will galvanise more people into this fantastic and exciting element of the climbing world.

Recommendation for the construction of Via Ferrata

The objective was to provide all stakeholders with a helpful recommendation for the design, construction, and operation of VF/KS. In order to be able to make concrete recommendations for VF/KS construction, the following points were determined by the DAV Safety Analysis Division:

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Where did the 8a benchmark go?

The grade debate has always been a sore subject for most. Personally, I have always put a great deal of emphasis on sending harder, climbing the next grade and pushing the limit.


HANGER & EXPANSION ANCHOR ASSEMBLY Most common fixed anchor used in SA.

Permanent Protection – Bolting Basic Overview

Good safe bolting requires training & experience. This is a overview, not a training manual. Find someone who has bolted some good routes to show you the finer points of bolting.


Recall for replacement: GRIGRI 2

Petzl have announced a recall for replacement for all GRIGRI 2 belay devices with the first five digits of the serial number between 10326 & 11166.


DMM Dragon size 4 and 5 Recall

For the safety of all of our customers we are issuing an immediate recall for all Dragon Cams size 4 and 5 with turned axle bosses.


Table 1. Experimentally measured failure loads

Snap Hooks & Quick Links – How many Kn does it take to break ?

The load carrying capacity of two different types of snap hook and quick link combination were tested on an Instron 5500 Universally testing apparatus. Load and displacement were recorded and presented on graphs. The modes of failure were also recorded.