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Brian Weaver

Brian Weaver – Sends and New Arrivals

Andrew and I headed off to Boven with the intention of doing Boa Rodeo, an 8a+ trad line. Both of us tried it for three days but had no sends. We discovered how hard it actually is to place the gear!

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National Bouldering League, dates, times and places

The Boulder League is for everyone, so come and boulder like a BOSS, have fun with your mates and get uber strong for the year ahead.


The mental game – Part 2. Facing Fear

My palms are sweating, my breathing erratic, my pulse is racing. I’m gripped from the moment my feet leave the ground. I’m lunging for holds. I’m over-gripping. This is ridiculous. I trust my belayer. This isn’t a difficult grade for me.

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The mental game – Part 1

So what is mental training? Well there is more to it than just thinking positive. It’s a technique that is not only useful for increasing your confidence and chances of success but it also stimulates the same neural pathways you need to use those muscles.

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Training, Protection and Nutrition for Optimal Climbing

For a long term enjoyable climbing experience, you need to take care of several physical aspects of climbing – training, preventing injury, and improving recovery.

Magaliesberg Linkups

The objective is to climb one route in each kloof, namely Upper Tonquani, Boulder, Lower Tonquani and Cedarberg. There are several variations to the theme…


Video: The Insiders

A short film about indoor climbing featuring Paul Robinson, Sasha DiGiulian, Vasya Vorotnikov, and Ashima Shiraishi. Presented by Central Rock Gym in Worcester

Training: What Does It Mean To You?

So this is my slightly over-exaggerated training schedule, would like to do this every day, but there are inconsistencies day to day… Enjoy


Training Day Part 6 – Fine Tune and Maintenance

Well, we have come to the end of my down to earth training tips and those who have been following them should have a better idea on how to improve the areas of their climbing that need it.

Training Day – Part 5 Shake the Pump!

The words of the late Jimmy Jewel have stuck in my mind for many years and what he said is what most climbers dream of. “If I can stick the hold, I can hold it forever”.