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The mental game – Part 1

So what is mental training? Well there is more to it than just thinking positive. It’s a technique that is not only useful for increasing your confidence and chances of success but it also stimulates the same neural pathways you need to use those muscles.

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Magaliesberg Linkups

The objective is to climb one route in each kloof, namely Upper Tonquani, Boulder, Lower Tonquani and Cedarberg. There are several variations to the theme…


Video: The Insiders

A short film about indoor climbing featuring Paul Robinson, Sasha DiGiulian, Vasya Vorotnikov, and Ashima Shiraishi. Presented by Central Rock Gym in Worcester

Training Day – Changing your mind set!

Remember, rule number one is, stay reasonably fit! You shouldn’t have gone overboard with the eating and being slack! Second rule, TAKE IT SLOW! Having the same expectations you finished off with last summer will only hurt, cause damage and make you realize that you have a long way to go, and depression will set […]