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El Chonta, or why we spent two weeks living in a cave

Ah, El Chonta. If you ever told Angie she’d spend two weeks sleeping in a cave in Mexico, she definitely wouldn’t have believed you! But oh how life changes when you marry a rock climber… and then become one yourself.

Central Andes Summit Finally Climbed

A Title Fight: First Round First Minute Finally Sent

Zoe Duby – Rock Chick of the Month

Great season for Jakob Schubert

20 year old Austrian competition climber Jakob Schubert has climbed several hard 8c+ routes in the past, but during the last few weeks he has proven he has reached an even higher level.

Chris Sharma, the Margalef Minutes Interview

Interview with American climber Chris Sharma after his successful first ascent of First Round First Minute at Margalef, Spain.


Head of Product Development for Edelrid Climber, Guide, Inventor, Father

His first climbing “harness“ was made on his mother’s sewing machine with the straps from his butchered school satchel. He stole buckles and other bits from his father’s travel bags to complete the package.

Speed Series Part IV: Hans Florine

This week, we sat down with Hans Florine, a Yosemite veteran who holds numerous speed records in the Valley. Florine first broke The Nose speed record in 1990, with a time of 8 hours and 5 minutes. In total, he has held the record seven times and has climbed the route 81 times.

2010: Hand of Fatima, Suri Tondo

Black and White is a great new route on solid rock typical of the remarkable Hand of Fatima.


Renegade Diaries – Day 4-6

Blue skies! Well, not really. But every time we saw a teeny patch of blue sky it made us feel better. We are getting into the groove of things and learning to work with the weather. The kids did some impressive cranking today.