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A Gritstone Thesaurus

What is all this fuss about the small rocks that scatter the moorlands of northern England? Why are they talked about so incessantly by British climbers? Photographer and grit devotee Ian Parnell has compiled a unique thesaurus of the secret gritstone lexicon in this stunning photographic essay.

Arthur Kubista, a 9a+ for his 45th birthday

45 year old Arthur Kubista has made the first ascent of Der lange Atem 9a+ at Schattenreich, Höllental, Austria. Maurizio Oviglia recounts this latest ascent of one of the strongest and least known Austrian climbers of all times.

Dealing With The Cold

With the right clothing and equipment, conditions can be made quite comfortable, but an awareness of the acute risks posed by the cold remains crucial in any mountain or wilderness environment.