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Mount Everest (1978): First Ascent w/o supplementary Oxygen (Messner/Habeler)

A film documenting the first ascent of Mount Everest without supplementary oxygen. Everest Unmasked follows Italian and Austrian mountaineers Reinhold Messner and Peter Habeler through the Khumbu icefall into the Western Cwm then up to the South Col and Summit.

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Rok Klancnik Does Third Ascent of Bügeleisen (V14/15)

Slovenian climber Rok Klancnik has done the third ascent of Klem Loskot’s ‘Bügeleisen’ in Malatal, Austria. Klem sent the problem back in 2001 and assigned a grade of 8B+ (V14).

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You Won’t Believe How Cool (or How Hard) These Boulder Problems Are | Viva Peñoles, Ep. 2

A dream-team of Americas strongest boulderers, including Jimmy Webb, Daniel Woods, Dave Graham, Paul Robinson, and Shawn Raboutou, has traveled to the hidden boulder fields of Peñoles, Mexico with the goal of repeating test-pieces and establishing the hardest climbs in the Chihuahua desert.

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Vintage Footage of First International Sport Climbing Competition in 1988

Vintage footage of Spiderman Dan Goodwin as the color commentator at the First International Sport Climbing Competition at Snowbird, Utah where Dan takes a huge 45′ whipper to illustrate the challenges the competitors will face .

World Record setting run by Calitz on Table Mountain

On Saturday K-Way athlete Andre ‘AJ’ Calitz ascended Table Mountain’s Platteklip Gorge an incredible 14.5 times in 12 hours; that’s 10,257 vertical metres. This exceeds the previous record of 10,060 metres and will etch Calitz’ name on the World Record listing for ‘Greatest vertical height climbing stairs in 12 hours’.


Alex Honnold Sands Fingertips and Free Solos Near Bishop | A Day in the Life, Ep. 1

Day in the Life caught up with Honnold who is still dirtbaggin’ out of his van near Bishop, California, not too far from where he grew up, presumably in a house, not a van. His morning is dedicated to checking out the late John Bachar’s free solo circuit in Owens River Gorge and repeating many of the routes.



Application is now open for the USA International Climber’s meet in Yosemite

The American Alpine Club is hosting its 7th annual International Climbers’ Meet (ICM). We would like to extend an invitation to all Climb ZA members to participate in this annual event to be held the week of Oct 6 – October 11, 2014 in Yosemite Valley.

Daniel Woods, Dave Graham, and Co Explore an Amazing New Bouldering Frontier | Viva Peñoles, Ep. 1

In January 2014, five world-class American boulderers descended into the desert near Peñoles, Mexico, in the state of Chihuahua to explore a new bouldering area with local climber and developer Diego Montull.

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Off the Wagon – Valle Bavona

Off the wagon 8B+ – Valle Bavona – 4th Ascent


Jacopo Larcher climbs “Prinzip Hoffnung” [ 8b/8b+ E9/E10 ]

Beat Kammerlander bolted the route in 1997, but in 2009 at the age of 50, he decided to remove the bolts and climb it with trad gear: he made it one of the hardest trad route in the world.

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