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Cityrock boulder competition

CityROCK Boulder competition 20 September

CityROCK Boulder competition on the 20th of September. Come dressed up as your favourite Super hero to win best dressed, tackle the monkey swing, crate stacking and table bouldering (table manners not required) and much more


From Rocklands With Love 2014

30 minutes with us in Rocklands (South Africa) for our 2014 trip !


Why Have There Been So Many Deaths On Mont Blanc This Season?

This summer alone has seen a number of major accidents in the Mont Blanc, Chamonix area and in the last week alone, a guide and his 5 clients were killed on the Aiguille d’Argentiere, followed by another guide and his 2 clients on the Aiguille Du Midi.


Reel Rock Deleted Scene – La Dura Comida

Can’t believe this scene ended up on the cutting room floor of Reel Rock 7. Amazing climbing and first ascent of a route that was deemed impossible–raccoon proof, even. Enjoy (with sound).


‘Adventure Time’ New Problem at Kalk Bay

Emile Esterhuizen has been out of the country for a while but was recently back on a short visit, during this time he managed to send an old roof project at Kalk Bay that he started before leaving.

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Boulder J at Topside

In the Topside guide published in the early 2000′s, boulder J at The Maze was home to the notoriously sand-bagged “Snake” as well as two projects…

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Psicobloc Masters Event

The Psicobloc Masters event

The 2014 Clif Bar Psicobloc Masters – a 50-foot overhanging wall towered over the 12-foot-deep splash pool at the facility, and many of the best climbers in the world raced each other up the challenging route in a single-elimination bracket format to determine the men’s and women’s winners.

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Climber Dies During Free Solo in Tuolumne Meadows

Rock and Ice report that a climber attempting a free solo in Tuolumne Meadows has died after a fall.

Brian Weaver on ‘Cock or Bollock’ at Chosspile

After the week’s training Brian Weaver makes the second ascent of Andrew Pedley’s new line ‘Cock or Bollock’ (29/8a) at Chosspile.

Sam Stainton

IFSC Climbing Youth Olympic Games – Samantha Stainton

Samantha Stainton, South African girl climber accompanying the IFSC to the Nanjing Sports Lab at the 2014 Youth Olympic Games this August 17-27 talks about what he loves about climbing!

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