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Proper Soul goes on gear at 5.14a R/X

On August 20th, Tennessee native and recent New River Gorge transplant Brent Perkins stepped up to the NRG’s ultra classic 5.14a Proper Soul. He tied in, racked up with a handful of nuts and cams, and climbed to the top without falling… or clipping the bolts.

Chloé Graftiaux, Teva Games winner, killed in Alps

According to Jackie Hueftle, a Boulder-based climber-journalist, Graftiaux is said to have been descending at the time. “The Belgian site says she was hit by a falling block and fell 600 meters. In any case, it is a sad day for the climbing community.”

Return from Rocklands

The rock is really good and there are so many good problems that it’s hard to tell where you want to begin. There are many FA’s to develop if you look around enough.