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Rock Master 2014

2014 Rock Master Competition

The 2014 Rock Master Competition will be held at CityROCK, Cape Town on the 6th of December 2014


South African Tricklining

White guys can jump!

Alex Honnold Interview

Clif Bar terminates Freesolo, BASE and Slackline Athletes

The Valley Uprising, movie seems to have motivated Clif Bar to terminate support to anybody who freesolo climbs, BASE jumps or slacklines.

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Rope swing

Killin’ Willies – Most Beautiful Rope Jump

The Bivy Presents a learning experience that everyone needs to see. Watch and learn as one of the realest dirtbags alive sends innocent friends into the void, in an attempt to murder their own Willies.

Flatanger Cave

Joe Kinder Visits the World’s Hardest – Flatanger Cave

A relatively unknown Dutch flatlander named Jorg Verhoeven had established a 180-foot 5.14 in the belly of a cave in Northern Norway that looked deep enough to house a supermarket.

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live Plucked down

What the Pluck? – Conventional Down Is a Scary Business

At this point, I think we’ve all seen the movies and know that this is often a gruesome affair. Feathers are usually “live plucked” off the birds…

Falling tape measure kills construction worker

A man delivering sheet rock to a construction site was killed Monday when a tape measure fell 50 stories and hit him on the head.

3 Peaks Challenge

Kleynhans wins Three Peaks Challenge

The 18th edition of Three Peaks Challenge, which is presented in proud partnership with K-Way, took place on Saturday in Cape Town.


Nipple Bluetooth speaker

Your Nipple: First Bluetooth speaker designed for climbing sports

The first Bluetooth speaker ever, dedicated to climbers, easily to be attached to your carabiner. Connect to your phone via Bluetooth and listen your sick music, whilst you are stuck to the wall up high.

Of Men and Monsters – Topside

This new addition to the Maze at Topside is easily one of the best of its grade in Cape Town.