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Sharma Sends Neanderthal (5.15)

Chris Sharma, reportedly super-close to completing his long-term project First Round, First Minute at Margalef, Spain, got snowed out of that crag and traveled to Santa Linya, where he proceeded to redpoint another mega-project: Neanderthal (tentatively given 9b/5.15b).


MCSA Supertramp Award

The MCSA is well aware of the prohibitive costs involved in the organisation and implementation of expeditions for all members of the South African mountaineering community, but especially younger members who have no recourse to funds.


Body found on Table Mountain

The badly decomposed body of an unknown person, presumably a man, who landed on a rocky ledge on Table Mountain in mysterious circumstances, was removed from the mountain on Thursday morning.

Don’t drink the water on from the Lily Pond on TM

It is advised that persons do not drink the water from the Lily Pond on Table Mountain until the next heavy rains as a body was found above Africa Ledge. report: Body leaves cops mystified Police are trying to determine the identity of a decomposed body that was discovered on Table Mountain two days […]


3rd 9a/+ for Mrázek, IT

The cold has arrived to Cataluña at last and Tomáš Mrázek has done his 3rd 9a/+ in relatively short time, Analogica in the Santa Linya cave, Chris Sharma’s 40m+ testpiece from a few weeks back. Chris originally gave it 9a, but as he thinks it’s harder than La novena enmienda and Tomáš thinks it’s on […]

Stunt leaves officials fuming

Anyone passing Table Mountain late on Tuesday night probably did a double-take when they saw a massive, colourful display being projected on to the side of the city’s iconic natural landmark. The image depicted four men’s faces, and the words: “Our winning World Cup team.” But Table Mountain National Park (TMNP) said it neither knew […]


Paul Brouard Sends Streetfighter

On the 1st of December 2009 Paul Brouard sent Streetfighter at Oudtshoorn ) (34/8c) at Oudtshoorn Main Crag. This is Pauls hardest route to date. The first South African to climb Streetfighter / Two to Win was Justin Hawkins on the 20th of October 2006. The route which was originally a long standing project at […]

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Sonnie Trotter, first trad ascent of Prosthetics at Mill Creek, Utah

Sonnie Trotter from Canada has made the first retro-trad ascent of Prosthetics 5.13d (r/x) at Mill Creek, Utah, USA. Thirty year old Sonnie Trotter from Canada recently travelled to Mill Creek in Utah where he carried out the first trad ascent of Prosthetics 5.13d (r/x), defining it as “one of the finest single pitch free […]