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Adam Ondra 9a onsight

Adam Ondra has become the second ever to onsight 9a.


Climbing Magazine’s Unscientific Helmet Test

To compliment the must-read piece, we decided to drop a bunch of things on our boss’s head to illustrate lightheartedly what certain impacts can do to a climbing helmet.

*Update 12 Year Old Tito Traversa Dies in Climbing Fall

12-year-old Italian climbing prodigy Tito Claudio Traversa has passed away after being hospitalized from a 50-foot groundfall.

Redhill Moratorium Lifted

The MCSA has lifted its self-imposed Moratorium on Redhill areas Coppermine and Grootkop only. Easter Island is still off limits due to the sensitivity of the environment around it.


ProBASE U-Turn Wingsuit Race 2K13 promo

The first Wingsuit Race of the World Cup tour 2013. Absolutely amazing footage!


Shauna Coxsey – Nuthin’ but Sunshine V13

First Female Ascent of Nuthin’ but Sunshine and one of the only women to climb the grade!

monteseel rescue

Climbing accident at Monteseel

A 22 year old female climber, broke her lower right leg in two places when she sustained a 2 meter fall while bottom-roping the route called Cain (10).


Nanga Parbat Massacre Recount

Various accounts of the June 22-23 massacres of 11 climbers and support staff at the Diamir base camp of Nanga Parbat are emerging.

RocTrip Tarn – daily report #4 – Dave Graham onsight attempt and first ascent by Chris Sharma

Featuring Dave Graham, Chris Sharma and Pierre Labre (special guest)…Dave Graham tries “Cirque du Soleil” (8b) onsight, and Chris Sharma sends “Dessèchement planétaire” (8c FA) in the L’Oasif sector

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Salathe Wall free

Two weeks after I freed the Salathe, Cybele and I went back with my good friend Jimmy Chin to shoot photos on the route. As an afterthought, he grabbed a buddy’s small Sony handcam to take some video clips also.