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Brian sending ‘Just Behrly’

Brain Weaver sending Just Behrly


Arrow Final video

Fun video of guys climbing Arrow Final on Table Mountain.


Dave Graham – Bridge of Ashes

Follow the year-long story of Dave Graham as he goes after the first ascent of his latest project,


Adam Ondra – A few forgotten 9a routes…

A new short video featuring Adam Ondra´s old climbs of three 9a – 9a+ routes, which were initially filmed for the movie The Wizard´s Apprentice, but did not make it into the final version of the movie.


Beth Rodden is Climbing Back

Beth Rodden proved that women could climb just as hard—if not harder—than men.


Griffith, Steck and Moro Attacked On Everest

Jon Griffith, Ueli Steck and Simone Moro have been attacked by Sherpas on Everest.

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Classified, 9a+, FA by Alexander Megos

Alexander Megos sends what is probably the hardest route in Frankenjura, Classified, 9a+, on the Holzgauer wand.


Kinder on Climbing: Heel and Toe Hooking

Learn how both of these moves can help you conserve energy on steep terrain and move more efficiently.

Ethan Pringle on Era Beta

This phenomenal Margalef test-piece was put up by Chris Sharma in the winter of 2010.


Hard Grit, Soft Snow

Armed with shovels and a lot of psyche, boulderers built platforms under some of the hardest routes on the edge, transforming them from dangerous solos into highball boulder problems.