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Golden height Expedition

The Mission to a GOLDen Height Story

The Mission to a GOLDen Height is a story about more than a mountaineering adventure, it is about mission to simultaneously develop socially and environmentally conscious youth leaders within Africa’s underprivileged communities.

RocTrip 2014 Ep 1&2 from Romania

The second country on the 2014 RocTrip, Bulgaria reveals a land of contrasts. Whether it was the climbing or the weather, the base camp in Vratsa delivered it all. RocTrippers who came looking for adventure received even more than they bargained for. As the second base camp in Bulgaria, the stopover in Karlukovo will remain […]


The Big Fontainebleau Movie

Quite a big movie showing some of the boulders we did during our spring trip to Fontainebleau. The film contains 21 top class lines from the forest. Many classics and some less famous ones, in all styles. Still have lots of material left so maybe I make one more..