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Kai Lightner (13) Sending Southern Smoke (8c+)- Red River Gorge

13 year old Kai Lightner sending Southern Smoke 8c+


The 2013 SCS Open National Championships Highlights

Take a look at the 2013 SCS Open National Championships highlights to see how the action played out!

Alex Honnold on the FA of ‘A Gift From Wyoming’ on Yosemite’s Leaning Tower

This past fall Alex managed to free the lower portion of the route (naming it A Gift From Wyoming


Foreign student raped on Signal Hill

A Norwegian exchange student was raped and her boyfriend tied up by two armed men on Signal Hill early on Saturday


Stanage Snowballs

A week of snow and easterly winds made some crazy drifts at Stanage in the Peak District, reducing a few high routes with bad landings into boulder problems!

China Trad Festival

Cedar Wright and Matt Segal meet some friends in China for China’s first ever Trad Climbing Festival.

World’s First 9a Onsight

Alex Megos’ ascent of Estado Critico at Siurana in Spain is widely accepted as the world’s first 9a onsight.


SANPark fencing

Table Mountain National Park to be fenced

The Table Mountain National Park, world heritage site, and Natural 7 Wonder of the World is to be fenced in at a cost of R150 Million.


Ueli Steck – A New Vision

Speed alpinist Ueli Steck imagines climbing multiple peaks in the Swiss Alps in a day, using a paraglider to get from the summit of one to the base of the next.


SACA National Bouldering League Final 2013


St Peter’s had one of its best ever climbing events last Tuesday.