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Missing person

A search is on for missing person ‘Rosemary Theron’. It is thought that she could have gone into the mountains.

Alard Hufner wins Mountain Photography Award

Alard Hufner wins Mountain Photography Award


Cape Epic buck hit

Cape Epic mountain biker hits a buck

In true South African style another mountain biker connects with a buck during the Cape Epic!

Forgotten Lines

A quintessential desert crack climb, forgotten, and with a little something for everyone


The Zone

The Zone (E9 6c)

Oli Grounsell Headpointing The Zone, introduction by Andy Reeve, the reverend ground-up.

POV Gully Slide

Mark R was soloing a Gully when he was knocked off by a chunk of falling ice. The result was a terrifying slide down the gully

renan ozturk reel 2013

Renan Ozturk – Reel 2013

Renan Ozturk 2013 showreel.

Benjamin de Charmoy on Wipe Out

Wipe Out gets a 3rd ascent

Benjamin de Charmoy bagged the 3rd ascent of the short power test “Wipe Out” 31, at The Supertubes in Montagu


Mugging on Devils Peak

On Tuesday the 5th of March a person was mugged and stabbed at the Devils Peak Quarry (on the mountain)


Cape Town Time-Morph

Cape Town Time-Morph from 1884 – 2013