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Everest in 3.8 Billion Pixels

The photo is part of a larger project that Breashears, along with his company GlacierWorks, launched to document the receding ice of the Himalaya.


Video: Off the Wagon!

Off the Wagon!

People tweet instead of help fallen hiker

While the body of a Cape Town father lay on a ledge on Lion’s Head, hikers walked past taking photographs and tweeting about the fall instead of helping him.

SANParks to increase conservation fees

The South African National Parks (SANParks) announced that for the 2013/14 tariff year, annual increases in conservation fees will be higher than anticipated

Video: Something Old, Something New

Ben Spannuth recently landed in Fayetteville, West Virginia to hone his skills on the bullet hard, New River Gorge sandstone.


Video: Adam Ondra´s 2013 message – Start the change

2013 New Year´s video by Adam Ondra, introducing the upcoming movie that he has shot.


Blocz Trailer

Bouldering in Wallis, Switzerland.

Adam Ondra’s Christmas 2011 outtakes and 8B sendage from Fontainebleau, France

Adam Ondra getting into the 2011 holiday spirit in Fontainebleau with a visit to Santa, getting lost in the woods, life advice from Font maestro Jacky Godoffe, and an ascent of the iconic l’Apparement (8B).


Silbergeier – Nina Caprez & Cedric Lachat

The movie relates the first feminine ascent by Nina Caprez of Silbergeier, one of the hardest multipitch route in the world.

Video: Triptik Tonic 8c+

One of the most classic routes I have ever climbed. Located in the Gorges Du Loup of southern France.