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Be the first video

Video: Be the first – Climb

#bethefirst [part 1 -- CLIMB] a visual depiction and insight into of the true essence behind the brand.



Video: SA Trango Tower Summit

A short video of Rob, Douard and Alard completing the final pitch to the summit of Trango.

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Video: Felix Baumgartner’s supersonic freefall from 128k’ – Mission Highlights

Felix Baumgartner completed a record breaking jump for the ages from the edge of space, exactly 65 years after Chuck Yeager first broke the sound barrier.


Video: No Strings Attached – Matt Bush soloing

The final cut of No Strings Attached featuring Matt Bush soloing routes around the Western Cape.

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Heather Robinson

Video: Paul & Heather Robinson: Sinless City

Climber’s Paul Robinson and Heather Robinson (no relation) enjoy the beauty and diversity of the landscape just outside of Las Vegas.


Montagu, Waterworld river reroute

Waterworld water works

This morning we went and diverted the river away from Waterworld in preparation for the work meet on the 20th of October



Video: Conrad Anker on “Return to Meru”

The Shark’s Fin of Meru has been his passion for decades as it was the passion of his mentor Mugs Stump.

The Rory Lowther Memorial Challenge in Swinburne 2013

Rory Lowther Memory Challenge 2013

The 9th Rory Lowther Memory Challenge will be held on the 1st-3rd March 2013.



Dream Team Set For Dawn Wall

On October 10, Tommy Caldwell and a new climbing partner, Jonathan Siegrist, will head to Yosemite Valley to once again attempt the world’s hardest big-wall free climb, the Dawn Wall of El Capitan.



Austrian daredevil all set for 23-mile supersonic skydive

If you happen to be in a passenger jet flying across the US on Tuesday morning and see a man in a space suit hurtle past the window at 690mph, don’t be alarmed. It’s just Felix Baumgartner two-thirds of the way through his record-breaking leap to Earth.