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Tradathon 2013 Magaliesberg

Magaliesberg Tradathon

The 2nd annual Tradathon will be held in the Magaliesberg next year on the 18th of May.


Cutting corners on paths

Video: Paige Claassen cuts trails

Gorilla attacks Paige Claassen as she cuts trails to get to her favorite bouldering area.



Video: Tick Mark Master

Brush your tick mark off when finished a route or problem.



South African Julian Boulle takes first place at World Wingsuit Championship

South African Julian Boulle takes first place at World Wingsuit Championship in China


Joe Mohle named UCT Sportsperson of the year

Joe Möhle was named Sportsperson of the year, at the the 2012 UCT Sports Awards.

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Brothers of the Cape 7b at Ausenkehr, Namibia

Video: South Africa, Namibia

A video featuring sport climbing in Ausenkehr (Namibia), Cape Town and Rocklands.

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Arctic Expedition slideshow dates

The Arctic Dreams crew are doing slideshows around the country over the next couple of months.


Explo Everest Challenge - The Ultimate 24-hour endurance climbing marathon/festival

Explo Everest Challenge 2012

Each team has 24 hours to climb the full height of Mt. Everest (8848m).


Video: Hanggliding is not a crime

4 friends went for a hang gliding trip into the Dolomites and came back with stunning pictures of nature and some video shots that never have been shown so pure and clear. Dive with flymovies into the world of flying.


BASE jumper has close call after acrobatic rig fails during BASE jump

A gymnast BASE jumper attempts a somersault on a high bar, perched on the edge of a cliff. What could go wrong?