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Video: Fred Nicole: Deeper

After almost 3 decades of climbing, Fred continues to grow his appreciation for nature and how we (as humans) fit into the context of the bigger world around us.


A Video Profile of Photographer Jimmy Chin

This is an edit for Outside Tv’s Image Quest. It’s a bio on North Face athlete and photographer Jimmy Chin.


Video: Bouldering in Brazil

Ubatuba is one of the best and most beautiful bouldering areas in Brazil. UBT Boulder is a climbing festival that happens every year and gathers climbers from all around the country.

The Rocklands post – week 5

A quick recap of past week, that illustrates well what happens when you put a psyched crew of strong climbers in the middle of tons of good boulders.


Oliphant’s dawn by Hukkataival

In 2000, Fred Nicole put up Oliphant’s dawn in Rocklands. Supposedly, he had difficulties making up his mind regarding the grade, saying it was somewhere between 8B and 8C. Now, after 12 years, Nalle Hukkataival has become the first to repeat it.

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Mazeno Ridge: Summit of Nanga Parbat confirmed!

On the 19th of July at circa 12:00 local time British alpinists Sandy Allan and Rick Allen returned to Base Camp safe and sound after having reached the summit of Nanga Parbat on 15 July and after having completed the historic first traverse of the long Mazeno Ridge.

Video: The Rocklands post – week 4

Few words required to introduce this week edition: highballs, hard climbs, motivation, inspiration. Having a crew like Michele Caminati, Daniel Woods, Nalle Hukkataival, Dave Graham and Chad Greedy in the place helps too.

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Robyn Erbesfield sends her first 8c

A few days after daughter Brooke aged 11 year sent “Welcome to Tijuana” 8c, Mother Robyn Erbesfield-Raboutou managed to send the route yesterday.

Brooke Raboutou, 8c at a mere 11 years of age

At Rodellar in Spain 11-year-old Brooke Raboutou has repeated Welcome to Tijuana. In doing so she has become the youngest climber in the world to master this grade.


Simon’s Town fire ‘far from under control’

Fire fighters spent last night monitoring a vegetation fire that raged out of control high up on the mountain above Simon’s Town.