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e-tv Rocklands Bouldering Report

e-tv news report on Rocklands bouldering talking about how rock climbing (bouldering) has taken off in South Africa and how popular the Cederberg is with locals and (famous/well known) internationals.


Video: Tis is Afrika Trailer

Tis is Afrika highlights a few select climbs from the Rocklands, South Africa. Athletes include Daniel Woods, David Graham, Nalle Hukkataival, Beau Kahler, Nina Williams, and Courtney Sanders.

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Video: Highline in Newlands Forest

Andy Court, Sam Wolski and Paskal Wolski spend some time on a high line in Newlands Forest.

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Video: This Way – Squamish Episodes1 & 2

This Way is a four part series profiling Arc’teryx Athletes Jason Kruk, Will Stanhope, Jon Walsh and Will Gadd.

Video: Andy Houseman and Nick Bullock make 6th ascent Slovak Direct on Denali

Andy Houseman and Nick Bullock made the sixth ascent the Slovak Direct on Denali.

Part 1: Climb Like Chris Sharma: Limits and Fears

Chris Sharma shares his strategy and techniques that have made him one of the best climbers in the world.


Video: Climber’s Journal Series: UK

Exploring the amazing lands of England, Scotland and Wales. Even if you’re not a climber, watch it and be amazed by the astonishing landscape.

South African Adventurer Dave du Plessis Shot During Amazon Expedition

He has bullets in his spine, face, neck, skull, arms, was left for dead, got up, ran for about 5 km to get help, saw people, tried to call for help but no sound came out because he had been shot in the neck.

Video: Another 8B for Ashima Shiraishi

11 year old Ashima Shiraishi from New York city, who is in South Africa with Paul Robinson & Co. for the Chasing winter film project, has made made the 2nd female ascent of Fragile steps, 8B, in the Fortress sector, Rocklands.


Video: Cerro Torre by Fair Means

Since its 1974 first ascent until 2012, only three new routes were established to Cerro Torre’s summit without relying on the bolt ladders of the infamous Compressor Route.