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Cape Town to Durban bike ride

Cape Town to Durban on a bike

All went to plan from Ficksburg – in fact they went better as my fitness and desire to get home grew. I ignored my bodies please for rest, and I simply kept riding until I got to a very wet Montagu

Kirk Falls rock climbing

Popping my bolting cherry – bolting my first route

Pictures of a glorious new crag that he had found near Delville Wood. Palms sweated and questions flew as we drooled over the superbly long and steep walls we were seeing.



Southern Rock Rumble 2014

It’s already time for the first of the 2014 Southern Rock Rumbles. The competition will be entail 6 comps.


Montagu Flood 2014

Montagu Flood 2014

After a fair amount of rain last night (particularly in the Laingsburg area) the rivers of Montagu came down in flood.

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Jeopardy Wall, Fountain Ledge, Table Mountain

Jimbo Smith opens The King Slayer on Table Mountain

I opened a couple more trad routes on the Jeopardy wall on Table Mountain recently.

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Creveta and Formentor sea cliffs

Mallorca Access Problems for Walkers and Climbers

There are various problems developing on the island of Mallorca relating to access to climbing and walking areas.

Boven Sport Climbing Fund

Funding available for sport climbing development

The Boven Sport Fund is to support Sport Climbing development by young South Africans in southern Africa.


Black Eagle Gliding

The Flow

Its Friday night and I’m tired. Motionless red tail lights smear into a blur against the tarmac and grimy city glow. The rock is forever away and the two of us sit in silence with nothing to talk about.

International Mountain Day 2013

International Mountain Day 2013

Come celebrate International Mountain Day with the Mountain Club of South Africa!

The team laying sandbags to divert the river above Waterworld in Bad Kloof, Montagu

Report: Waterworld Base Rebuild 2013

The Waterworld base rebuild took place on the Saturday the 7th of December 2013. We laid down 30 sandbags to access more crags in Bad Kloof.

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