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Save the Presles crags! Sign here...

Posted: Thu Jan 31, 2008 11:38 am
by Gustav
Sign a petition on to help save a crag that you may want to visit one day...

Conflicting opinions over the right climb the cliffs of Presles
Since the autumn of 2006, a conflict has emerged between a minority of landowners and climbers.
More than just a matter of access to climbing routes, at steak is everyone’s right to access nature. Since the opposition to climbing, certain landowners are now impinging on caving activities in Presles. All outdoor activities in the area could therefore be under threat.

Free access to the climbing routes
We ask the local authorities (Mayors, President of the CCBI (Community of Communes from the Bourne to the Isere), President of the PNRV (Vercors Regional Natural Park), Chief Councillor, and President of the Isere General Council) to intervene as fast as possible to preserve the right to access climbs, as the Code du Tourisme guarantees in it’s article number L.342-20:

‘‘Private properties, or properties within a private estate or a public collectivity, may be burdened with a right of passage to ensure the access to (in mountain zones) climbing and alpinism sites, when this concerns a benefit to the local community, or grouping of communes, the county or a combination of concerned parties’’.