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Wavecave / Umgeni Gorge

Posted: Mon Sep 21, 2009 6:35 pm
by AndrewP
Hi all

I am wanting to visit Wavecave and / or Umgeni Gorge this weekend. The wiki is sadly lacking access details for these areas.

Could someone out there please let me know the access arrangements (I assume that for wavecave at least, prior arrangements must be made) and directions to get there.

Some tips of which routes at these crags is best would also be appreciated - max grade I would attempt is about 24-25.

Many thanks in advance
Andrew Porter

Re: Wavecave / Umgeni Gorge

Posted: Tue Sep 22, 2009 8:20 am
by Dogleg
Hi Andrew.

Most of us here in Durbs will be heading up to Waterval Bovan this weekend, otherwise you'd be more than welcome to join us at the Cave.
Touching wood, there have not been any mugging incidents for a few years, and so haven't had to hire a guard to accompany us to the crag. They still are not 100% happy with us going there either, so best not mention to the guy at the gate that you are going to the Wave Cave. This is because the crag itself isn't actually in the Songweni reserve (the boundary is the river) and they don't want to be blamed for anything that might happen. I'm not trying to frighten you bud- we go there every weekend in season (it is still season- nearing the end though)
The path up there might be a bit tricky if you haven't been there before, so it might be best if you send me your number, otherwise I'll post a map from the old guide tomorrow.
You're looking at three 23's two old and dusty 24's a very pumpy 25, an awesome 26, and up from there. Keeping in mind that the climbing is very different to face, so don't be too upset if you battle a bit with the 23's.... because you will. :thumright

With Umgeni Valley, I can send directions to the reception, and from there you can grab a 1 page guide and be on your merry way. A few of the routes have been downgraded since, so remember that when choosing what to climb.

Let me know,


Re: Wavecave / Umgeni Gorge

Posted: Tue Sep 22, 2009 4:50 pm
by AndrewP
Hello Trent

Thanks for the info. If you have a map, could you please email it to:

Would it be okay if we update the iki with this as well to help out others?

Am I correct in that the driving directions are to get to the gates of Shongweni Reserve and Umgeni reserve respectively?

Many thanks
Andrew Porter