Mount Everest Harrismith - New bolted route info?

New Areas. New routes. Retrobolting. Add-ons. Re-grading. etc.
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Mount Everest Harrismith - New bolted route info?

Post by JanoSA » Fri Jan 12, 2018 3:59 pm

Hi all

A few months ago I spotted the following image in the gallery which inspired a trip to Mount Everest in Harrismith over December which turned out top be absolutely awesome.


While we were there we noticed there were a fair amount of bolted routes that were not on the route guide. Most of them were newly bolted just like the "For Your Eyes Only" route. Notably on the "Red Wall" to he left of For Your Eyes Only which seems to coincide or run parallel to "A Steyn-Less Route" which according to the route guide is Trad only, and going up the honeycomb overhang section to the right of For Your Eyes Only which is not mentioned in the guide at all.

The Description in the gallery for the above image notes the following: "Also 5 new shorter routes right of FYEO. Soon to be updated on the Wiki." Had a look and sadly the Wiki has not been updated in the 6 months since the image was first spotted.

Finally on to my question:

Does anybody know anything about these new routes or any other routes that might not appear in the current guidebook? Is there a new updated guidebook somewhere that I might beg/steal/buy? We are planning a return trip in April and would like to do as many of the new routes as possible. I would be most grateful for any assistance that might be offered.

I did Google the crap out of the FA guys name to see if I could track him down, but no luck. The owners mentioned in passing a group of French climbers had returned a few years in a row to bolt new projects. So I assume there are a fair few more hiding across the mountain.

Lastly, if the individuals that bolted these routes happened to see this, I am incredibly grateful for your time, effort and money spent on this project. We enjoyed For Your Eyes Only tremendously! You did an awesome job bolting it and the photo route guide was supremely helpful! I hope similar photos surface soon :-)

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