Dobbi Variation - Chosspile

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Crouching Cricket
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Dobbi Variation - Chosspile

Post by Crouching Cricket » Mon Jun 15, 2009 9:06 am

Hi Guys,

We were at Chosspile yesterday and we tried out Dobbi (23/24) at the Harry Potter wall. The route that we tried is just right of The chamber of secrets (25). There is a variation of Dobbi that branches out right about midway up the face; whereas Dobbi goes through the right crack of the small roof, the variation goes around the roof onto the face around the corner. Does anyone have any info on this climb?

On another note, The plank over the weir has been removed and I was wandering if there is any particular reason for this? Crossing the weir was okay yesterday (about 2 inches deep) but what if the water level is quite high?



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