Bolt corrosion - superficial?

Let everyone know about any suspect/dodgy/misplaced bolts to be renewed or avoided.
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Bolt corrosion - superficial?

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I noticed today that the bolts on the anchor on Puff Adder at the mine has some surface corrosion where it contacts the rock. Glue in SS, definately not ancient bolts. On closer inspection I saw the same on the lower bolts too.

So is this superficial and nothing to worry about?

I will take some pics next time.

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Re: Bolt corrosion - superficial?

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Im not to sure if that will be a future problem or what make S/Steel that is, i can add thou if it is 3CR12 low grade witch is in most cases the only S/Steel that will rust in long term it can become a problem.

For all the bolters that is setting up new routes around and you are not sure about the quility or origin of your bolts have them e-coated this is a safe and longterm solution for the bolts... yes the coating can chip off but it will stay on where it needs to protect the bolt.

and it is not that expensive to do
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