climbing for quite some time

Let everyone know about any suspect/dodgy/misplaced bolts to be renewed or avoided.
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climbing for quite some time

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I've been climbing for quite some time, and while I've taken a break for the past few years, as I'm stepping back in I want to be absolutely sure safety is first. Saturday I'm climbing at a spot that has plenty of thick trees to anchor off of, but the trees are a good 10-20 feet from the edge of the cliff. I have plenty of webbing, and always have at least 3 anchors, my question is how should I top-rope this? Obviously I don't want the rope to be sliding across the edge while a climber is on-belay. Should I have the webbing anchors run all the way to the edge of the cliff?
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Nic Le Maitre
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Re: climbing for quite some time

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Ideally your top anchors should be over the top of the cliff and slightly down the face, this will reduce rope drag to a minimum. If the edge is particularly rough consider placing a groundsheet/tarp under the webbing on the edge to protect it, or use rope protectors like this:
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Re: climbing for quite some time

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I thread the rope or webbing, depending on scenario, through a piece of fireman's hose, at the parts where the webbing or rope goes over the edge. This will protect the webbing or rope from the cliff edge. I hand stitched some cord to them so that I could tie them down or onto something so they dont move up or down with the rope but rather stay still with the rope running through them. Before I got hold of a fireman's hose I use to just stake down an old piece of carpet . But it was honestly just a pain in the arse, carrying it around and trying to keep it place if you cant stake it down.
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Re: climbing for quite some time

Post by wravenant »

I agree with Nic, you want it just over the edge. Imagine where you will place the hangers on a sport route.

Remember to equalise the 3 points and make sure the you use a locking karabiner that the rope runs through.

The rope protector is nice to have.
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Re: climbing for quite some time

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Can someone tie into the anchors and belay from the top, much better to ensure there's no rope damage, if this is an option.
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Re: climbing for quite some time

Post by wqasderaa »

We're heading up to Swinburne this weekend. The last time we were there, there was a hanger removed from the aid pitch on Long Bolt To Freedom. Anyone know if this has been replaced? I'll be taking a hanger along just in case anyway.

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Re: climbing for quite some time

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Did long bolt to freedom last year and it didn't seem like any of the anchors were missing
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