Fight the Feeling' anchors

Let everyone know about any suspect/dodgy/misplaced bolts to be renewed or avoided.
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Fight the Feeling' anchors

Post by stephan » Fri May 04, 2007 9:56 am

I noticed again over the weekend how rusty the anchors are on Fight the Feeling. The route was bolted more than 12 years ago and I was wondering if anyone knows if the anchors have been replaced since the route's FA in 1994? From the ARF page it is easy to see why this is a valid concern:
\"The recent bolt failures in the Western Cape have resulted in many of us questioning the integrity of the anchors that ensure our safety. It’s quite obvious that some of our seaside crags have rusty old bolts that need to be replaced. So in order to get the ball rolling ARF has been launched.\"
Certainly Mt. Everest resort isn’t anywhere close to the seaside, let alone the Western Cape, but rust is rust.

With this very popular, five star route seeing a lot of action over the long weekend, what's the opinion out there?

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