21+14 Lockdown Knots and Hitches

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21+14 Lockdown Knots and Hitches

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Hey guys,

I see this forum is needing some attention of late - been very quiet the last few weeks. Im starting to miss reading/learning from everyone on here...

So I thought I would share my personal challenge with anyone who wants to check it out.

3 weeks ago my wife challenged me to make 1 knot video for every day of lockdown. 21 knots/hitches... seemed doable... now on 23 and it’s starting to get interesting... got another 12 to go! :shock: might have to throw in some mechanical advantage systems...

Good knowledge for any climber, kayaker or kloof’er? :wink:

Iv also learned some cool stuff along the way - like an auto locking truckers hitch! 8)

Please comment and share your thoughts on my knots, or any knot that you might use and let us know where, when and why...

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