guess the climber

How did that route get that name? Jokes. Funny bits. Crag humour.
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Re: guess the climber

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Sly Stallones bolt gun.
Gullich on" wall street".... maybe even after the pocket was filled.

Thanks for the quiz shorti.

Never heard of Bob. Definately heard of the bird though.
He's almost as precious to Yosemite as Royal Robbins.. but then again, thats a fairly long list too..

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Re: guess the climber

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Wolfgang For Stallone. Cliffhanger.
Chris F
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Re: guess the climber

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I would think most people know who "the Bird" is.

Charlie Parker! :wink:
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Re: guess the climber

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haha, sharp Chris!

Jahne that was too easy man!
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