mountain hardware lightwedge 2

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mountain hardware lightwedge 2



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Re: mountain hardware lightwedge 2

Post by Nic Le Maitre »

Hi Riaan

Don't have the tent but I have heard (unconfirmed) that the importer of Mountain Hardware into SA is having issues with the company and they are going to stop bringing it in... (From personal experience, Mountain Hardware International/USA are terrible to deal with)

Maybe a BD/TNF instead?
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Re: mountain hardware lightwedge 2

Post by smityb »

Hi Riaan

I have the mountain hardware lightpath 2, which is essentially the older version of the lightwedge. Mountain hardware makes really good quality stuff and i'm sure you would be happy with this tent, personally I haven't had any problems at all with mine. I've heard the fabrics used on TNF tent arn't of a very good quality and tend to deteriorate after a while.


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Re: mountain hardware lightwedge 2

Post by zoed »

I bought a mountain hardware lightwedge 2 tent a few years ago - and was SERIOUSLY unimpressed. The poles are super weak and snapped in multiple places. They're obviously made out of some fancy lightweight material, but the problem is the sleeves of them cannot withstand much pressure. I used this tent a handful of times before so many of the poles snapped that it was unusable. I have had a mission trying to replace poles (super expensive) and so have just given up on the tent.
In conclusion, I would not recommend this tent at all.

In my experience e3 make rad tents, as do Northface...
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Re: mountain hardware lightwedge 2

Post by d0nK3y »


I bought this tent not too long ago... I haven't had any issues with it so far, and have really enjoyed using it... (albeit I haven't used it a helluva lot)

Having said that, there are one or two niggly things that I have found with it:

The fly sheet cover seems to be slightly too small for the size of the tent, and doesn't completely reach the ground around the sides and the back... this could be because I don't have the adjustments of the feet of the tent completely dialed yet, which could affect the height of the tent relative to the ground. I have had to put little extender loops on the peg loops of the fly around the sides and back to be able to place pegs properly. This doesn't however affect the waterproofness of the tent; (tried and tested in some of the heaviest Highveld thunderstorms)

Otherwise its very decent! pretty spacious for 2, with some nice additions, like pockets in the ceiling where you can store valuables, or food etc...

Hope it helps...
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Re: mountain hardware lightwedge 2

Post by thomsonza »

Rad tent.

Had it for a while, no problems whatsoever. Pitching the tent is a pleasure and I do it by myself.

I've never had any problems with the poles and can't really see how you would need to (or be able to) under normal circumstances break any part of the poles. The tent fits together really well and is super sturdy.

I also like the pocket in the roof and I got myself a gear loft so most of my stuff is stashed in the ceiling of the tent.

As for weatherproofness... I haven't tested it in the harshest conditions but it's been perfect every time so far.
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