want rock buddy(ies)

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want rock buddy(ies)

Post by amy » Wed Jul 12, 2006 1:31 pm

I'm visting Pretoria through the end of the July, rotting my brains with work. I've been out to Hallucinogen and can't stop thinking about it, finally literally climbed the wall of my office building. (Surprisingly good climb).

Anyone out there interested in a weekday jaunt to 'Boven? I hear there's also some climbing 30 min from Pretoria. Or, have a group of folks I can join?

I have only harness/shoes/belay/single 9.8mm rope. The scales seem whacky, I'd say I'm climbing 19-22 but you can do harder stuff and just clean completely.

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Post by jacoj » Wed Jul 12, 2006 6:20 pm

Hey Amy,

How long are you gonna be here for? Weekdays are tough but could definitely make a plan...Where you commin from?


Post by Anonymous » Wed Jul 12, 2006 7:33 pm

Hi Amy & Jacoj. Fair play for climbing the office!

I will be visiting Pretoria at end July also. Work trip so can only climb 29 or 30th July (weekend) and would love some buddies or a babysitter to climb with. Can only bring shoes, harness, belay - no rope!

ANYONE else got any ideas or help with my need to climb - anything!?

Or if anyone know of a wall in Pretoria that can be bounced onto of an evening?

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Post by amy » Fri Jul 14, 2006 2:02 am

I'm in Pretoria until July 30, sorry Z. Weekdays are best; there must be stuff closer to PTY than 'boven for an early-morning-get-to-work-a-little-late or there's-still-a-little-light-left-after-work quickie? J, are you a local?

Today I tried to talk myself into believing that I can take my laptop and phone and be \"just as productive\" at the hostel at 'boven where I didn't necessarily have to climb, it'd be just a nicer place to be...

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Post by stephan » Fri Jul 14, 2006 2:46 pm

There are lots of places closer than Boven...
:arrow: Bronkies is a very nice crag just outside Bronkhorstspruit, and there are some great climbs within the range you have specified. If you take the Witbank highway you should be there within about 40 mins, expect to pay some toll fees (think its R18). Or take Lynnwood rd heading east, at the T-section turn left and then turn right to the crag (think its the last turnoff before you reach the town). Rather use a good map, it helps! The land owner prefers climbing during weekends, pay entry fee at the big house (usually R10 p.p). Very easy access and close by parking.
:arrow: Chosspile is the crag close to the damwall of Hartebeespoort dam, about 30 mins from Pta if you take the highway . Go check out www.saclimb.co.za for route guide and directions. Parking is a bit far away from the crag, and the access sucks.
:arrow: Strubens Valley is urban crag in Jhb, or Roodepoort to be more specific. Again check out www.saclimb.co.za for route guide and directions. Routes are short and very close to each other. Parking is nice and close by and the access path is very easy. Best to take the R28 Krugersdorp Highway instead of the N1.

There are more places but I think you should find some nice climbs at the above mentioned crags.


Post by Anonymous » Wed Aug 23, 2006 9:22 pm

Hey there

i am home from london for 3 weeks and i would love to do some climbing... just been climbing in wales recently and it was amazing, and i am desperate to do some more. never been to waterval boven.. i would love to go end of aug, first week of september. happy to share car hire etc or whatever is necessary!!


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