Table Mountain Hike - Advice

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Table Mountain Hike - Advice

Post by Overide »

Hi all,

I recently got a voucher for the Abseil Africa abseil on Table Mountain, we plan to hike up and down again.

We were thinking of going up India Venster and we are open to suggestions for coming back down. I guess we will be parking on Tafelberg Road so would need to end our hike somewhere nearby.

It will be 4/5 of us, we are relatively fit, I feel I must say that none of us have done India Venster before

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Re: Table Mountain Hike - Advice

Post by justin »

Assuming you are all fit and no one has a fear of heights, you will have no problem going up Indian Venster. Note that there is a iron ladder that one climbs along the way (it's a scramble essentially).

Assuming you are not living in the Western Cape, you may want to go down via Platteklip Gorge (the middle break of Table Mountain, deemed the safest way of getting up/down the mountain). There are many, many steps... but its not that bad (if you have not done it before), its pretty and easy going.
For a bigger day out you can even walk to Kirstenbosch via Skeleton Gorge - you just need to organise cars or Uber back.

Enjoy the abseil - you'll be abseiling past many climbs (Jacobs Ladder and Roulette to your left :thumright
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Re: Table Mountain Hike - Advice

Post by TonyK »

Quickest way down will be Platterklip Gorge then back along contour path or Tafelburg road.
Regarding India Venster its a little confusing when you mount the rock step with the staples you should continue straight but be warned the yellow foot print shows to the right .
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