Marketing assistant wanted.

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Marketing assistant wanted.

Post by robertbreyer » Mon Nov 19, 2012 2:23 pm

We are looking to hire someone who can help in the marketing department at CityROCK/Mountain Mail Order.
I have been doing it all since day 1, but the two businesses have grown to the point where I need a competent marketing side-kick.

Stuff I need help with:
Help keep the web site current.
Completely redo the web site.
We do a fair bit of online and print advertising.
We need to reprint our gym brochures.
The list is actually endless.

If you got some experience in this field, PM or email me.

Computer tools you should know: Adobe IDD, Photoshop, some html editor. Be able to use a digital camera.
Would really be great if you are an active climber so that we can talk the same language.

- Robert

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