An appeal to the highline/tyrolean rigging crowd on TM

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An appeal to the highline/tyrolean rigging crowd on TM

Post by Nic Le Maitre » Tue Nov 20, 2012 11:27 am


People have once again been rigging lines on TM and leaving them in place, this one on Fernwood gully. (Pam Newby's post)

These lines pose a serious risk to the various helicopter services that operate at low levels on the mountain (Wild Fire, Air Mercy Service, SAAF) as even a length of string can cause a helicopter to crash. These are the helicopters that may come and rescue you one day.

Please if you know who is rigging these lines please ask them to take them down when they are finished. We are not concerned with legalities at all, just the safety of the crew in the helicopters.

Furthermore, if you are planning on rigging highlines or tyroleans, please inform us ahead of time so that we can advise the pilots to stay clear. PM me, Brent or Ant
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