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Post by aaront » Mon Jan 14, 2013 8:11 pm

Hi all,
My name is Aaron and I'm from Newcastle in the North East of England (Yes a Geordie).
I have climbed for 20 years +, worked with Youth and Community Centers on Outdoor Activity Projects including things such as Climbing, Bouldering, Hiking, Camping, Mountainbiking, etc, etc. But with the past 7 ish years being inactive due to Work, Moving Country.

I moved to South Africa just over 4 years ago and got Married, Joined the Family Company doing IT Support, Visiting Clients (What is it with 'Tannies' always wanting to feed me?) and would like to get back into climbing/bouldering to lose a little weight (Thanks to the Mother in Law and the Tannies) and get fit again.
I have a 3 year old daughter (Ebony Moon) who also loves climbing, Cant get her off the single panel vertical wall at our local Wimpy and she walks around saying "I'd like to climb that" each time we see something 'climbable' or some picture/ youtube video, so I'm using Ebony as leverage that will release funds from My Wife's (Shaan) Purse allowing me to build a wall here at home :) a couple of pannels at a time.

I dropped by Wonderwall for a bit of bouldering to see if my body remembered anything, I struggled to hold onto a 3 finger ceiling jug, so resorted to a light warmup and a few short traverses on the vertical walls in thier cave for about half an hour, then a cooldown (but I still felt it a bit the following day).

I also Popped into The Climbing Barn and picked up the first 10 holds and some foot chips for "Ebony's Wall", Met Paul (Cool Guy, helped me even though they were closed), seen the main part of the barn, the place looks awesome :thumleft: , Would love to climb there regularly. But it's too far from Germiston to Climb there, even Wonderwall is a trek out to make it viable.

Does Anyone know of a bouldering wall closer to Germiston or would any of the fellow climbers be willing to car pool once a week maybe out to one of the Climbing Centers in the area?


Fellow Climbers will be welcome to use "Ebony's Wall" once it's up, though it may be a bit basic at first (Ebony has to be able to climb on it right from the start), but as funds allow it will expand.
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