Climbing Partner / Durban

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Climbing Partner / Durban

Post by agomonkey » Thu Feb 21, 2013 7:06 pm

I will be available to climb Feb. 26-27, and March 6-8. I am staying in Durban but will be checking out of the hotel on March 5th to find a new spot near the crags if anyone has any recommendations.

Looking for a partner to sport climb / toprope, I can lead a 5.10a and follow a 5.11a. I have all my own gear and ready to climb :).
I do not have transportation nor do I have a clue where to go. I have done some research and will continue to research, looks like KwaZulu Natal is the closest climb.

I will have limited wifi service but will keep an eye on this forum as I begin my travels tomorrow.

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