Thumb and Langalibalele Ridge

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Thumb and Langalibalele Ridge

Post by Ghaznavid » Fri May 17, 2013 9:04 pm

The Drakensberg crags have apparently been extensively climbed and poorly documented. Naturally there is always more potential - if walls like Monteseel have over 300 routes on them, the hundreds of kms of Drakensberg rock could provide basically endless routes - in theory anyway...

I have checked route listings about the Thumb at Giant's Castle - a sub-khulu peak just north of Langalibalele Pas. From the north side it looks like you can access the top with only about 5m of properly climbing, although it is very exposed - with at least a 200m drop if you fall - and looks difficult and badly protected. MCSA doesn't have a RD for any route on the Thumb - anyone out there done it? There is no way that such a prominent peak has not been climbed yet.

I'm also interested in Langalibalele's Arete (name given by me) - just north of Langalibalele Pass there is a long ridge that runs up to the escarpment. By sight it looks like 3 pitches (1 massive 1 and 2 average ones), looks well protected and relatively easy. Anyone know if this arete has ever been climbed?
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