Sabie Gorge Sport Climbing

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Sabie Gorge Sport Climbing

Post by TipToe » Sun Sep 15, 2013 9:12 pm

Hi there. Can someone tell me what the Sport Climbing is like at Sabie Gorge? Is it safe? Chalets or camping? Any useful info would be welcome. Thanks

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Re: Sabie Gorge Sport Climbing

Post by Don » Mon Sep 16, 2013 9:50 am


I am not current with the crag, but from the times I have been there, I can say the routes are a bit mossy. The crag could do with a clean. The climbing is easy(for beginners to moderate climbers) and often has an 'on-sight' feel to it- no chalk! ** Crag for those who have just started sport climbing. The area is really great for bouldering if you have crash pads. There are also great attractions and things to do in the area, which makes it great for a quick climb or two in the afternoon.

I would have to say that this gorge actually gets better the harder you climb- there are one or two unbolted classic power test pieces there, and some very hard boulder problems, still outstanding projects.

Check out the Wiki on for the crag description(could do with better photographs!), and check out the Sabie Backpackers for safety issues

Hope this helps.

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