the Chosspile and other local crags...

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the Chosspile and other local crags...

Post by onbigrock » Fri Jan 18, 2013 12:17 am

Hello Johannesberg climbers!

Congratulations on what is clearly a very active local climbing scene. I might be moving to Jo'berg in September, specifically Diepsloot. It certainly looks like the Chosspile and other crags would be pretty accessible, even on a free afternoon (assuming you find a local to go with you). I don't know much about the logistics of being a climber in Jo'burg, and the only potential point of comparison is when I lived in another large city, LA. It looks like your local crag options are pretty good and maybe even pretty easy to get to, plus you've got a really rad destination a few hours away. Do people climb at Chosspile after 300 pm during the week? Are there other crags in the Diepsloot area that hold interest over time? I guess I'm just looking for a sense of what the week trainer, weekend warrior lifestyle looks like for a Jo'burg local. I climb up to 25 sport and trad a bit lower.

Thanks for any insights you can provide. Keep sending!

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