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Cape Town Bouldering Partners

Post by NateO » Mon Jan 28, 2013 10:59 pm

Hi Guys,

Im interested to find out what the bouldering scene looks like in Cape Town. I started climbing at the UCT gym about a year ago and really enjoy bouldering, but didn't get outdoors much. So i'd like to know if there are any people who climb regularly who I could tag along/meet up with so I could get going on some rock :)... if so, PM me some details. I climbed about 3 times a week in the UCT gym last year so I wouldn't call myself a beginner, neither would I call myself a pro by any means. I've been sport climbing lately around grade 19-21 but I feel like i'm much more into bouldering :). If there are groups of people who boulder regularly, this would be a win!

P.S I think this forum should have a bouldering section?

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