Wtaerfall Boven June 2019

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Wtaerfall Boven June 2019

Post by stujones52 » Mon Feb 11, 2019 9:49 pm

I'm hoping again to make it to Waterfall Boven this year and as such I have the whole of June off work (3/06 to 5/07)
I would like to climb for 6-8 days have 3 days rest (probably at Kruger park) then climb for another 6-8 days before returning home.
I wouldn't expect to get a partner for the whole trip so if anyone is free for a few days here and there I can make arrangements to suit.
I climb mainly from 5 to 6b with the odd harder route thrown in.
I'm aware I don't have much info about myself on here, so if you need to know anything I'll be happy to chat
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Re: Wtaerfall Boven June 2019

Post by TinaB » Thu Feb 14, 2019 8:06 pm


I just posted here and looking for climbing partners for June also! You can see my post a little up in the forum.

You can email me (tina.bercic20@gmail.com), but I will probably know more in April, maybe before, if I decide to come to South Africa (depends on some of my exams).

I also had some plans to go to Kruger, but probably before that for 3 days (with africanbudgetsafaris).
Where are you from and are you also planning to go to Cape Town and climb around there?

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