Keen to join a Drakensberg Hike?

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Keen to join a Drakensberg Hike?

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Hi everyone :)

Another hiker and I have planned a beautiful 4 day hike around Cathedrals Peak, sleeping in caves along the way for next weekend starting Thursday probably. :) Unfortunately the third member of our team just dropped out. Would anyone be keen to take his place? A group of three would make things a bit safer and a bit more social!

Here's the planned route:
Day 1: up organs pipe/the camel, sleep Roland's cave.
Day2: cleft peak, across to Twins cave.
Day3: Bell traverse, scramble up cathedral peak, sleep base of cathedral peak (tents).
Day4: walk out. Be back at the hotel by lunch time and back in PTA by the evening.

If you keen to maybe take a long weekend off and hit up the Berg, hit me up, you can just jump in the car :)

Xx Sabine

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