CBD City Bouldering District Guide

New Areas. New routes. Retrobolting. Add-ons. Re-grading. etc.
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CBD City Bouldering District Guide

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In the next week or so the CBD City Bouldering District guide will go live on 27Crags.com. As soon as admin approve it at this time of year.
There may be some basic content already, but it doesn’t look updated and is certainly not the full guide I have prepped.

It’s pretty slick with live-linked topos to boulder problems, and accurate boulder positions on the maps.

From what I can see across platforms, there will be more than a bunch of quality problems and boulders that no-one has logged yet, up to about 7B.

There are some rough edges, such as that Alex in the US already logged a “CBD” freetopo guide for Roysten Vasey boulder, but I am in contact with her and we will try to amalgamate that into the “CBD City Bouldering District”.
Therefore for example my Roysten Vasey boulder topo is currently blank.

In your responses, please stick to the topic, which is productive ways to assist me to bring the guide/s together.

I will also bring some consistency across the platforms such as 8a.nu, TheCrag.com, and Climbing wiki as it is evident that the boulders, problems, new problems and logs are just a shambles of multiple names.
- #1. Please let me know if I need to address other platforms?
- #2. Please help with contact cell details for
o Scurvy (thecrag.com)
o Wian van Zyl (Willem) thecrag.com
o Charles Hopkins (thecrag.com)

Some of this is my fault. I didn’t get a guide together over more than 20yrs since climbing in CBD, more than the basic exel some of you have seen, and which was the start for some of the climbing.wiki guide.
To bring about clarity we will do as follows:
- I’ll make contact with the key people who have logged ascents/new ascents/boulders and problems to coordinate
- Update 27Crags as the “master” doc
- Need a few active people (probably those already logging on theCrag.com) to bring this all in line - let me know stingrei@icloud.com
- Arrange with Jens from 8a.nu to do a bulk-edit of the 8a.nu problems to avoid duplicates and consolidate
- Chat with Justin on climb.co.za for best way to update the climbing.wiki

My approach as follows:
- To avoid total chaos, and since I have forgotten many boulder names and problem names, I’ll defer to the current name protocol that seems most widely accepted. For example, Serle Shuman opened Entropy in mid 1990s, now known as Registered Rymenecologist, or maybe “aka” on important problems
- Many boulder problem names are already set on MapStudios base maps, if you zoom in look carefully. Schadenfreude and World Cup Boulder are examples. This was done many years ago. I wont be changing the base name at Mapstudios, as this takes weeks or months if we even get a response. So “Dom’s Boulder” (?) and “Tarzan Boulder (!?) on some platforms will be World Cup Boulder and Schadenfreude Boulder, as they were originally named
- I’ll keep the CBD guide updated into perpetuity, scanning various platforms for updates – but for the moment please hold off claiming new boulder problem FAs etc or at least send details to me directly.

Some of you might have “FAs” and such adjusted. I took Jerry Moffatt to the Lights and The Terraces area for example, in 2002, and we basically climbed everything on what is now called “Purgatory Boulder” (all problems were already opened), and then wandered up the hill and climbed everything at The Terraces (some were opened, added more, before going to World Cup Boulder.

Background and Apology
In the 1990s when I moved to Vredehoek, and Serle Shuman followed shortly thereafter, we had hectic corporate jobs, newly married, 2 small children each, wives who did not climb, and IT and technology was shite. My digital camera was absolute rubbish quality and it was a mission to upload pics onto the computer. Internet was appalling and cellphones weren’t that smart, and often “Edge”. To be fair, Serle had his staff build an app to record problems with topos etc, but it was crud compared to today. We weren't able to climb further afield, and so basically spent 3-4 days per week for the next 6 years exploring and climbing everything everywhere.
Hope to inspire you with new boulders and greater clarity soon. Steve
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Re: CBD City Bouldering District Guide

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Awesome! Thanks for the guides! What is the new name of the route Tarzan (7A)? I understand it's on Scadenfreude (sp) boulder but what is the new problem name?
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Re: CBD City Bouldering District Guide

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Thanks for information fethiye tour
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