Elandskrans and Waterval Boven needs you!

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Elandskrans and Waterval Boven needs you!

Post by Gustav » Tue Aug 15, 2006 8:23 pm

Calling all climbers & interested parties:

The Waterval Boven area is known for having past problems with waves of crime.

In an attempt to assist the authorities and SA Police in preventing problems from recurring, we are asking for feedback from people that have been affected.

Please include all details, including dates, nature of the incident, response and assistance from local/regional authorities or SA Police, action taken by Elandskrans management etc.

Please respond with your letters directly to climb@rocrope.com
Roc 'n Rope Adventures
Waterval Boven
+27 13 120 4600
climb @t rocrope dot com

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