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Amazing Sponsorship

Post by Carel07 » Tue Mar 11, 2014 8:12 am

The idea started out as a simple crag visit, but with the continuous rain in Johannesburg it ended up in a great event at Wonderwall -

I would like to give praise and a special thanx to Keith Morris, the owner of Wonderwall Climbing Gym, for sponsoring 10 orphaned kids from Mosaicsa, for a fun day of climbing in the gym - we contacted Keith and explained the situation we had, and he was more than willing to give a helping hand by sponsoring the entrance and climbing gear for these kids!
Hi everyone - Just a little bit more about the story and how it all happened.

I have a friend who lives in Potchefstroom, and his girlfriend works there at a orphanage called MosaicSa -
So he phoned me up about 2 weeks ago and asked if I could help him with some belaying? He said that the orphanage tries to take some of the kids out on some sort of adventure once a month, and he thought of bringing them to the Strubens Crag for a day of climbing! So I responded with a definite YES!

After asking him some questions of how many kids and how many staff members will be joining, I realized we will still did not have enough hands to belay, seeing that there are 10 kids and 6 staff members coming, and only myself, him and his girlfriend who can belay. I said to him I'll ask my usual climbing group of friends if they wont be interested in helping as well. After consulting with my friends they all jumped on the wagon to help! So after some planning I put up a Facebook post inviting all my climbing friends and anybody they know to come and help us out.

So with the continues rain we had last week we were getting worried about how dry the crag is going to be and if we are going to have any sunshine at all? So we decided to move the event to Wonderwall and not cancel it. So on the Facebook invite I explained the situation that we would need to sponsor these kids, concerning the entry and gear fee, so if we can get 10 people to help and sponsor a kid it would be perfect!

But we did not get 10 people to help, as many already had plans for that specific Saturday, but we did get a lot of moral support from them. But on the Wednesday before the event, one of the usual climbers at Wonderwall gave me some cash and said that he cant make it this weekend but he is more than happy to sponsor someone! How great is that? On that same night I and another friend threw a few ideas around and he said we should approach Wonderwall and ask them if they would sponsor these kids. Thursday morning the friend phoned me with awesome news, Wonderwall agreed!!

So the few of us agreed that we would then buy the kids food with the money we would have used for the sponsoring, something simple like hamburgers and a Coke -

Finally Saturday morning came along, we even had a girl come from Vereeniging to help out! We were 5 who pitched and another 2 came along later the day. Another girl even bought them all a water bottle for the day! The kids did some fun climbing and even some of the staff members who were up for the challenge. We took a break and gave them all something to eat which they did not expect and thoroughly enjoyed! And so the day ended with a lot of big smiles and happy hearts!

What started out as a small idea, ended in people connecting and coming together to help out some unprivileged children.
Thank you again to Wondewall -
And all who supported the motion in any way!
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Re: Amazing Sponsorship

Post by Justin » Tue Mar 11, 2014 10:14 am

Nice one guys :thumleft:
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Re: Amazing Sponsorship

Post by andrew p » Tue Mar 11, 2014 10:38 am

very cool.

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