Brian Weaver sends Mutation

The weekend I opened the climb I was actually suffering from Golfer’s Elbow in my left arm. It had been a problem for the previous three weeks and I have taken the entire week off to let it rest (for me 5 rest days is psychotic).


Righteousness of The Roach

I despised him until we roped up and he taught me that there’s no such thing as stealing a route—if someone better than you gets up a piece of rock first, that’s fair.


First tracks on the Polar Molar

We chose as our goal one of Bob’s secret unclimbed walls which we’ve been calling the Polar Molar for it’s tooth-like appearance and pearly-white enamel surface.

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The origin of some Table Mountain route names

At its best, a route name hints at the nature of the route, or encapsulates the story of its opening ascent, or makes reference to a prominent feature found along the way; at its worst, it describes the route’s principal physical feature in unflattering or prosaic terms.


Photo by Ron Brunnings

2012 Montagu Flood – Cogmans Kloof Pass is open

After heavy rainfall last night and this morning, Montagu is flooded in with incoming roads from the N1, N2 and pass to Ashton being closed. Rain is still falling in Montagu.


Elsa van der Merwe: Rock Chick of the Month

Elsa van der Merwe has done it again! Cranking hard, Elsa recently sent the classic 24 in Rocklands Cedar Rouge and so has become Rock Chick of the Month for the second time.

Greenland, new climb on the Impossible Wall

A small team comprised of Steve Bradshaw, Dave Glass, Clinton Marteningo and Andrew Porter have established a series of new rock climbs in Greenland.

Friedrichshafen Outdoor show


The outdoors is getting greater. More people going outdoors, that translates to more customers and more stuff to buy and sell. Business is good.

Video: The Rocklands post – El Corazon

El Corazon is a classic highball put up by Daniel Woods a few years back.


Video: Fred Nicole: Deeper

After almost 3 decades of climbing, Fred continues to grow his appreciation for nature and how we (as humans) fit into the context of the bigger world around us.